For some time now, I've thought about setting up my own Internet forum, but the process seemed a bit daunting. But along comes Ning, and my pal, Kate, who works there. Now I find myself with no excuse for delaying any longer.

Please feel free to participate! I'll be contributing, moderating and answering questions, and I hope we'll get some real activity going here.


Frank Ford

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Hi Frank,
How ya doin Mate?
Well i was just surfing and found you.
I'm a full time luthier working in Auckland NZ although have spent most of my career in the UK.
So are you thinking of this being a forum for luthiers? What do you have in mind - sharing technical info, techniques etc.?
How many luthiers does it take to make a forum? :-)
Glyn -

Well, that's just about it. I've been a moderator on some other forums (fora?) and I've answered a ton of e-mail over the last decade, so I thought I'd give it a shot. As to the intent, well, I hope we'll get a lively bunch here, luthier-to-luthier, and musician-to-luthier, that sort of thing. I have yet to make any real effort to "announce" this forum, so I suppose it's likely to grow slowly.

Fantastic, there are so many myths out there, usually perpetuated by guys in guitar shops. I hear a lot of wrong information repeated, usually refering to the 'mystery of tuss rods', so the more well informed comment on the net the better.
And as most of us work on our own it's good to have a like mind to talk to, consult and compare with.
As for a lively forum - well its hard to find a more eccentric bunch than luthiers in my experience.
Had a wee look at you on the net - is that 7,500sq/ft all workshop?
Great idea, Frank, thanks for making it available. (And also thanks to Bill for letting it be known in Hangout that this new venue is here.)

I'll probably mostly lurk and learn, but I'm glad you're here!

-- Don Hergert
(Remember? The Yellowstone banjo head guy...)
I have found Frank's advice very helpful and look forward to a great forum!
Hi Frank, is a great site and i hope this will be a great success too!

This is going to be a great site. Thanks for all the help that you give on Frank .

Yea, I expect great things here. I have learned SO MUCH from the web site!!

Here's a dumb question - is there any chemical that will remove Fiebings black oil dye from skin? Yeah, I know, wear gloves you duffus. Too late for that now.

Tim Smith
Tim -

I have a feeling you're right. When I get it on my hands I wear the stain with pride- er, sort of. . .

Easy to say 'wear gloves' but in the heat of battle...
Its funny but I always remember to wear a mask when I need to but gloves are a different matter. Don't know how many times I've gone out for dinner with stained fingers. Occupational hazard.
UMMMM what are gloves?????

Great idea. Generous of you to put your time to this.
Hope you're well,



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