I've got a back template for the 000 size but would like to make a template
for cutting out the sides. I could trace one, just wondered if there is already
a set of plans out there. Have not found them in the usual places. 000 12 fret
I have found, just not the 14 fret.

Bruce Herrmann

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OK, no problem, just found them here

Should be want I'm looking for.
So Bruce, you're answering your own questions now?

I have several of the Scott Antes plans, (you probably know this already) that he tends to show heavier than necessary construction on most of his plans.

They are very good for shapes and over-all dimensions though. As you've found, this one is "one of a kind."
David, I figure if I answer my own questions, I only have me to blame for the wrong answer.....

I've heard that about those plans but will use my own specs for bracing etc. I just wanted overall
dimensions. I found a 000 plexiglass template and found it to be off quite a bit and had to adjust
it based on an old 000 guitar. I just thought it would be nice to have some plans around for
the reasons you mentioned.

Just got my 000 plans 14 fret to body from LMI.
Happy Birthday!!!
Peter, thanks, those birthdays just keep coming but they are better than the alternative. I have now
officially out-lived my Dad. Would have given almost anything to have him around to share the celebration. So, in spite of the extra year, I fell lucky.

I got some plans from someone, can't remember now, and thought I was getting a 14 fret set and they turned out to be 12 fret. Not bad, as that's the next mold I'm going to build but it did set me back
when making this 14 fret mold.


You might try contacting John Hall at Blues Creek Guitars. He has tracings for most of the Martin model line, including some of the older stuff, 0-16NY and the like.

Best --Jim
Thanks Jim, good idea, I have some forms from him. Never thought to see if he had
tracings, I really just want to make a good plexiglass side template.



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