Greetings! There is a nice block of African Mahogany for sale here locally and I and was wondering if it would be good for building a solid body, and a neck? (Planing on building a PRS style guitar this year) It's 14 x 30 x 2, cut somewhat on the fletch where a portion of it is quarter sawn then transitioning to flat sawn. Would Honduras Mahogany be a better option? Opinions welcomed! Thanks, littleguitargreg

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African Mahogany has very open grain and dramatic differences in density between the hard and soft grain, as compared with Honduran/Genuine Mahogany, and my experience has been that it is less stable because of that. That being said I still judge wood "by the piece" so if I see a piece that is consistent in density and has a "musical" ring when tapped I have been known to use it. 

Honduras would shure be a lot lighter. That is one thing I don't like about the African  Mahogany It is strong but heavy.Bill...........

Good point Bill. I've got a Les Paul made in 2005 and it is HEAVY!!

 I have built the od  neck out of A.Mahogany and we had troble getting the Trust rod  to work right.Bill...........


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