Any 'easy' way to cut nice, thin, clean splines for filling cracks due to top shrinkage ?

I seem to remember buying a finish or veneer blade for the 8" table saw and setting a shallow angle, then ripping the 3/4" spruce only to within about 2" of the end of the board. (to keep it from becoming a projectile) However, the 10" saw I now have has tons o' blade wobble and I have no finish blade. As to the obvious, I have indeed  hydrated the mandolin in a plastic bag, but it has gone un-repaired for so long, the top will NOT close with any clamping pressure short of damage. Any quick ways of cutting "nice thin" spruce patching splines  before I resort to building a planing jig for spruce ?

Many thanks for any takers,

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Band saw with a fence then cut strips with a sharp knife?

You might cut them as narrow as you are able on your table saw then scrape them to thickness.

For short runs, like a mandolin, I might use a back saw and cut them by hand.

Thanks, sounds about right.

I've been using scrap top wood, and cutting off a piece the thickness of a saddle blank, to whatever length necessary. Then I sand a wedge into it using belt sander and final fitting with hand sanding on a flat slab of marble or granite.
Damn. I thought you were going to offer the method.
I didn't quite get your drift


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