Anyone looking for a good sounding beater to practice on?

I have an old Harmony that needs some work, but obviously is not worth putting any money into. I has a surprisingly good sound. I was considering the idea of practicing any future luthier skills I might have on it myself. However I have come to the conclusion that this is definitely not for me, at least not at this time in my life. Maybe someday in the future. I hate to just throw things away, especially since it does sound good. So I was hoping someone here on this forum might like to use it for practice experience. Any Takers? 

Thanks, Jay

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Here's some pics.  not the best as it was a rush job.
not to bad

Hi, has this guitar been claimed yet?

Thank you.


I haven't heard back from erck yet so I guess it is still up for grabs.

I would be interested in the guitar.

Is it so far gone that it is not playable?

I am not a luthier, the best I could do

myself would be to restring it. I was looking

for a beater guitar to practice on, so that I

could baby my Martin DXM acoustic,

and take the Harmony with me in the car.
Anyway, please let me know if the guitar

is still playable as-is, or would need major

repairs to be playable. And also, how much

would it cost me to get the guitar to my home

(I live in Mass.) Thank you!



 If Charley and Arthur pass on it, I'll gladly take it. I'm looking for a project guitar and I'm in CA, so $20-30 sounds perfect to me. I love these old Harmony's and will gladly get in line for one!

Well, as I said, I'm hoping for someone to use it as a project guitar and who will keep me informed of the progress because I have another one similar and I would like to know how difficult a fix it will be. Since I haven't heard from Charley and Arthur isn't going to use it as a project. I will let you have it. I figure to give everybody one more day and then I'll shoot it off to you. 


FYI  Arthur, I don't think you would be happy with the playability compared to your Martin. 

Great, If you need to get in touch with me my e-mail is If the other guys speak up, no problem! Thank you.
Old Harmony still available for anyone interested.  A word of warning, Shipping prices have sky-rocketed!
Hello Jay.  This is a very kind thing of you to offer up a guitar. I have a retired friend who would benefit from having a guitar to play. What shipping costs are we looking at to ship to either 53207 Milwaukee< WI or 54963 Omro, WI.


I'm not sure what shipping to Milwaukee would be yet. It was $66 to California so Wisconsin would be a bit cheaper. 

However, If you read the post you will see this isn't exactly a good playing guitar. Some of the top braces need to be re-glued and it needs nut work for sure. I don't think it needs a neck reset. I was offering it as a project guitar for an amateur or otherwise luthier. I am not against letting your friend have it, but I would be worried they would not be happy with it for playability.


I gotcha. This probably isn't right for him then, but thank you. Why not putting it up on Craig's List and see if you have someone close who might want to try their hand a repair? I am sure you could unload it for $30 or $40 pretty easily, and then you have some money for strings, or whatnot... Take care, and this is a nice thing you are doing.




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