Hi, I have a situation where someone needs a guitar bridge repaired fairly quickly. I should be ready to adhere the bridge tomorrow (Wednesday) with hot hide glue.  The guitar will then need to be slotted/drilled and all of that.  This person would like to have the guitar ready to roll by Friday.  Given that I would need to have the bridge clamped about 24 hours (that puts me at taking the clamps off Thursday morning to early afternoon, I would then really only have Thursday evening or Friday morning to finalize the saddle shaping for proper intonation.  So I would be looking at applying string tension to the bridge within 6-12 hours of taking the clamps off.  


Is this wise?  How much time do you allow a bridge to dry with clamps, and later without clamps, before applying string tension? 


Many thanks!

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If you have the bridge well fitted, the 30 hours from gluing  to string tension is fine.

I vacuum clamp bridges with hot  hide and have no need to leave it clamped any longer than 30 minutes

Good to know!   Thanks, Jeff!

12 hours is enough clamp time, and can be strung up after 24 hours, no problem.



Thanks everyone. All my previous repairs were under no real time constraints, so I would let a bridge sit for a day or two after about 12 hours of clamp time, but I just wasn't sure if I would be rushing things in this case.  Thanks for the info!  This early 30's L-00 is all done now and my friend and I are both very satisfied with the results!  What a beautiful sounding guitar.  Easily one of the most vocal and dynamic guitars I've yet heard!  Feels good to have been a part of it being more than a broken paper weight. Best!


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