Can of worms inside a can of worms inside a can of more worms….Gretsch..,

So it arrived….Bad sideways wrong neck reset epoxied in…Sure , let me at it…Hmmmm…Saw the whole thing off…..Aha !….Not with the truss rod in the way we're not….Have to remove the truss rod…First , the binding has to go so I can get at the fingerboard..Well , there's paint over the binding , and no matter what I try , it comes off in big chips as I remove binding…Trying to score it make it FLY off the neck !……So far , the only bright side is ,…I can salvage the original red side dots….Small victories...

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Does your sign read 'luthier/masochist for hire'? :) I hope you're charging per half hour.

Never mind Fish you will have it looking like new in know time,I can just picture it now. Good luck my friend


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