I am interested in using canarywood from Papa's Shoppe in Colorado.

I wonder if any of you have used canary wood. if so, how did it sand? Was it gummy? Smell good or bad? Was it stiff or soft, did it tend to warp?

How did it bend? What temps did you use? Was scorching a problem at all? My bends are pretty tight, like the waist of a soprano uke, so I use a very thin rim - 65 mils or so, if needed.

How did it glue? Was it resinous? Did it scrape well?

How did it take finish? We're using sprayed nitro. What kind of filler did you use, and how did you like it?

any other tips?


Topher Gayle

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I've no experience with this but just wanted to suggest that you provide the species as there are at least three woods I know of that are referred to as "canary wood." It just gets more and more confusing as forest are cut down and many species are variable from individual to individual much less when you try to compare different species.

Good Afternoon.

I have used canary wood many times in intarsia work. It makes nice bass thumb rests. It cuts and sands easy, does not cause asthma attacks, and looks beautiful. I say go for it.



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