Okay, here is a fun topic. My friend has a situation where a cat peed all over his mandolin. It's not a valuable mando, so no great loss, but it would be good to clean it and remove the smell. 

Any suggestions? I assume it is a poly finish. 

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"Nature's Miracle"  is supposed to help.  You can get it at a pet store.   Not so sure about cases, though.

I'm not sure what vinegar will do to the finish but it works to get rid of the smell.

We've got cats and love 'em.  That said, there are times when some "industrial hygiene" is in order. I stumbled-on this stuff a couple of years ago and it works, period. 

No, I haven't tried it on a various assortment of instrument finishes but it doesn't seem to harm most household trim finishes that it's been used-on.  As always, test the proverbial "inconspicuous patch".


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