Hi, I am looking for a  new 12-string acoustic guitar.

Can anyone recommend one that is less than $300

but still good quality, that won't rip itself apart

with all that string tension??



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If you find one keep it tuned a step low to avoid some of the stress you mentioned,no matter what else you hear.Ovations in good shape hold up! Avoid Alvarez,Aria and plenty you never heard of. Takamine good.Fender sucks.Epiphones,Gibsons(maybe). Guild good.Martin iffy.Ibanez poor. Hofner can go either way but I don't like the cosmetics.Hope this opens up your 12 string world........they are difficult to a degree.

I think a lot depends on what guitar you are looking at. Unlike Tim, I don't like ovations at all and pretty much avoid them completely. I've seen some good Alvarez though these are usually higher priced models. Takamines seem to hold up well. A friend has owned his for 30 years and it is still the best playing 12 I've ever seen. Martins and Gibsons are beyond the price point and, again depend on the guitar but. I think, are generally decent if not truly great. For the price point, I have been exposed to a few seagulls which should fall inside of the range. They seem to be Ok for the money BUT I recommend that you play them before purchasing one. Come to that, I recommend that you do this with any guitar you buy. Ordering online can be a crap shoot.


I have to say, in case you don't know; Most people get tired of playing 12 strings as their primary guitar so if you don't already have a decent 6 string I would suggest that you get that first.



Sometimes I speak before reading the fine details like "new".I'd rather have a used one that held up well.I agree w/Ned more than I disagree but still like the sound & feel(except for the bowl) of good playing Ova 12.Sorry I got OT.

How the guitar has been treated is way more crucial than the make.Tuning down is vital,as is string gauge.

I've had excellent Fenders (japanese) Epiphone Korean(new) awful Guild,good Gibson,brilliant Martin(D12-18 new)

Currently have a 60's Epiphone Bard & a 70's Fender F-80-12 (Rosewood)both from eBay.Both less than $300!


I'd recommend a Seagull 12 string, probably the best guitar for the money, and around $300.00 or slightly more.



 I agree about Seagull 12's-especially if you can get one from Canada.
And a third. I have a Seagull 12 string, and it is very playable, has a great tone, good action, and good solidity. The con is that the top is a soft spruce. The plus is that the neck is bolted on, so when reset time comes, it's pretty dang easy!
Harmony Central is great site for new music product reviews.
Seagull.  They make tremendous 12 strings.


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