Whenever I am in Berkeley I like to check out the Japanese Dollar Store on Telegraph because, well, they always have weird stuff, and sometimes even useful stuff.

I use a lot of Q-Tips for cleaning small areas or applying small dabs of stuff. Look at the cute baby swabs I got. [Normal-size one for comparison.] Not sure how useful they will be, but the tips are nicely compact and free of loose fibers.

The other item is meant to dispense a small amount of liquid onto a cotton ball for makeup removing or some such. You press down on the shallow dish part and it is pumped up in the center. I thought it might be really handy to add a bit of French Polish to a pad without having to use two hands. As well as not interrupting the padding rhythm as much, there ought to be less chance of a drip or spill. I tested it with alcohol and the plastic wasn't affected, but haven't tried it in actual practice yet.

Lots of fun for $2.

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