Here is the guitar of someone's dreams... Or nightmares actually...

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Not in my book, buddy :)

I follow stuff like this all the time just to see if it goes. Most of the time it doesn't. Lately, I seen lots of Harmony and Kay Archtops offered for several hundreds of dollars. Almost every one of them appear to need the all pervasive reset. I don't understand why people that list items like this haven't taken the time to check on the going sell value of the instruments they offer.

I don't know if it still there but there was a partial, fractured Gibson Jumbo top listed for a couple of hundred dollars a while back. It was relisted several times with the same price. The only value I could see in it was for patch wood  and I might have paid a couple of bucks if it was local so I didn't have to pay shipping.   

Most of the time, I find that these sorts of listings are done by people that usually don't deal in instruments and, obviously, can be bothered to check on the real going sell prices on like listings. Maybe they are just eternal optometrist. 

For a LOT less work, this is a much better "about $500" investment:

Just sayin' :)

Yes, they might actually finish that one.

Looks like the end pin is OK

For $500, he could 'at least' throw in the tuners.... :-(

The Ebayers that "gall" me also, are the ones listing a vintage or used electric guitar carcass ...with 95% of the 'parts' from the carcass in separate auctions right below it!


The SUM of its 'parts' > than the 'whole'

Its a bad Economic Time when people 'go there'!!!!! To each his own,


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