I've got an Epiphone Dot that has had it's headstock broken by the previous owner & glued back on. While the glue joint is solid as hell, the laminate on the logo side of the headstock was damaged pretty badly. The break was across the neck behind the truss rod cover (parallel with the nut), and that is the damaged laminate area.
Any ideas on how to clean this up so it's not so noticeable?I'm not so worried about it looking "showroom" perfect, it's just that the original owner "fixed" it with a really crappy putty job with a black paint or dye over it.

I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow. Thanks to anyone who has suggestions for me!

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try this, normally we would pop the whole fiber front and re-inlay the pearl in new fiber - this one we didn't. The wood is feathered into the fiber layer and finished as per normal.


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