Hello all, I have Just recently joined, It seems like a great place to meet Guitar makers, Hopefully Archtop makers. For a bit over a year I have been making copies (from originals) of rare and extinct Archtop tailpieces, I have sold a few on Ebay but have yet to come any Archtop makers that might want custom Tailpieces, Having some trouble posting any photos ,But here's one of a Variety of examples. Feel free to contact me, Thanks John Lambdin

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Welcome John, Those are very nice!  I know a bunch of archtop fans. I will spread the word. Do you have a web site?

Hello Thomas, Thanks, No web site, too small an operation. I really do these one at a time, Handmade, not mass produced. But I have done fairly well (on ebay) finding many Epiphone collectors,  I also have been very lucky finding originals to copy, To date, I have made only one from all known photographs (1938 National "Aragon") as there may only be 10 or so in existence. That one was sold to a collector in Austria. Guess he had one of the 10. Thanks John Lambdin

Beautiful work, John.

I sent you a friend request so we can discuss prices, etc. away from the regular forum. Although I don't restore many archtops, it's always invaluable to 'know' a good source for super high quality & gorgeous tailpieces. Yours fit that description to a "T".

BTW guys, there are additional photos on John's personal page, here on Frets.

Best of luck & as Tom said...WELCOME to the forum.

Paul :)

Just wanted to say hi to my good friend John and a warm welcome to the forum. He's made me several tailpieces, you may have seen my re-necked Kay in an earlier post, that was a John original (sorry again for the misspelled last name John). He does these all by hand and they are works of art. I raise my cup of coffee to you and say welcome.

You could get in contact with my american blood brother Chris Myers here:

He specializes in Archtops, and could be looking for someone like you. Check him out, and say hello from me :-)


I'm looking for a tailpiece for a 1935 Epiphone but can't see any way to contact you. I sent you a friend request but no reply yet. Hoping you're still in business.

Tom Faux

Good to see.

That is just great. Thank you for what you do.  Nice work. There is so much to be preserved from the days of hand made. So much is now mass produced. Keep doing it. It's important work, just because you are doing it one piece at a time.

i just worked on one of the few national aragon deluxes and would be happy to share some pics with you if you get in contact with me John.  You're work looks nice.

So cool. My mind spins with ideas. Nice work. What inspired you to do this?

Thanks Bruce, I guess the short answer is, I like old Archtops and movies like "Jurassic Park". Put that together and you get these things.

Hi John,

Not sure I sent you a picture of your tailpiece on the Broadway yet.

With compliments,

Dutch Archtop Guitar Museum




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