Fathead - from the late great 'brass rush' of 1979!

Anyone remember these?  :)

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If your guitar wasn't neck heavy before you put this on....oh was after!!!!

And remember, the same folks that put these on their axes were also putting Floyd's on '59 Les Pauls & '54 Strats.

It was a time of great creativity tempered with zero common sense.

I have what was a rather nice '65 Melody Maker that suffered from both a Floyd Rose and humbuckers. Then some nitwit took out the Floyd and put in cross grain poplar and sprayed it with some kind of red spray paint. It's a shame - it plays quite nicely too.

That's just part of what you need. You also need one of the old sustainiacs that mounts to the headstock as well

That Sustainiac is a beauty indeed, particularly the cord hanging down from the headstock. Always wanted one more thing to trip over while playing, this looks like the answer to my prayers...

I bought one of these{Fathead} a few years ago from a guy that had unearthed a couple.

Kind of a cool nostalgic novelty from the era when brass was "the answer".


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