Hey everyone sorry for the lack of talking on here I have been hard a work musically and shop wise as well. but heres my question, I own two strats both have unfinished necks. Now already I sprayed a neck to look like a vintage fender neck ( thanks to dans book)  for a customer. But I was wondering is there anyway to get that look and have that worn unfinished nice feel to it.

Ian Supplee 

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Oh to update you the double neck project is comeing along smoothly and i will be posting more recent pictures of it in a few days.

Ian Supplee

The only way I know to get the "unfinished feel" is to use an oil finish.


This is what I do. I get that vintage look by adding amber to the lacquer and get the color I'm looking for, then I clear coat the neck. I wait a couple of weeks then I take some 320 sandpaper and rub the back of the neck with the sandpaper cupped in my hand like I'm playing until the finish comes off. Then I take thin super glue and rub it on the back of the neck with wax paper. Let it dry and sand it back down with 320 which seals the wood. Then I repeat with super glue again. This time I use 400 grit sandpaper and cup it in my hand and sand it lightly until the super glue is smooth. Then take some 4/0000 steel wool and rub the back of the neck a few times. Then I take Finger Ease and spray it on the back of the neck and wipe it off. The back of the neck is so smooth it's incredible. In the summer when it's hot out there is no drag at all on the back of the neck. And for maintenance, I'll use the steel wool and Finger Ease once in while. Just a thought.




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