Hi all

I have a fingerboard to replace on an old neck and was considering using the flexible strap clamps that Touchstone Tonewood sell. 

Flexible strap clamp image

I thought that it would overcome clamping caul problems.  Does anyone have any experience of them, and if so, did you use cauls too and how many clamps would you recommend for a bass neck?


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Hi Dave, I used those clamps but for a different project. I got them from Stew Mac and thought they were pricey until I used them. Then I thought they were a bargain. Stew Mac recommends a clamp every 3 inches


Thanks Joshua.  I can get them for £1.07 here in the UK ($1.37) so even if I don't use them for this job, I guess having a few to hand for jobs like yours would be great to have. D

I bought mine for violin finger boards .

I never            tried them for things like that .

I glued a harp once and that would have been great!


Hi Dave, 

What "clamping caul problems" are you experiencing.   We use radiused full length cauls to ensure the board goes on straight and flat and indexed from one end to the other.    Band clamping distrorts the fretboard radius during the glue up and promotes uneven pressure at the clamp position.   These plastic units are stopgap at best.



I guessed as much.  Thanks Rusty

I’ve had good results with a full length caul made of Friendly Plastic backed with rectangular steel tubing or thick plywood. Putting some shallow  1/16” holes through the fretboard slots into the neck at a few points on the board helps relocate the board in its original position. Another fantastic product that has helped me a lot for cauls is Magic Sculpt, not cheap but a great thing to have. 

I have those plastic clamps like youre asking about and i havent used them barely.

Thanks for your advice guys - I think I'll pass!  D


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