Frog tape-amazing masking tape with no bleeding under

Just thought I'd mention a new product I found, at least new to me. Its called 'Frog Tape'. Any Canadian forum members are probably already being bombarded with the Canadian Tire ads on it. Its not your everyday green painters tape. The sticky side has some type of coating that reacts with water & water based products to form an impenetrable 'dam' at the tape edge. I am doing a project with bright pink water based stain and I want to avoid getting any stain on adjacent ebony/maple rope binding. I have done several tests with this stuff and I cant believe how clean a line you can get. With a very strong dye, it just does not bleed under the tape at all-period. Im thinking that there are numerous applications for those of you using water based lacquers & stains? Also, Im wondering about 'reacting' the tape edge with a little wipe of water to form the dam, then trying using it with regular lacquers & oil based stains,etc? No affiliation, just really impressed with this high tech masking tape-it actually does what it says it does. Price in can $ is about $8 a roll, not too bad given what it does.



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Frog Tape is a good product. I have a roll at every bench. In with green, out with the blue!
The active ingredient is thew same polymer that is the absorbent stuff in baby diapers. Vera impressive stuff. It can soak up to 35 times its own mass, if I remember correctly.
Say, Foghorn, do you keep your "fethars numbared"?


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