Anybody Know why GAL stopped Printing Vol. 3 of Big Red Book Series...? and why it costs $1100 everywhere I can find it for sale? 

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Right, Volume #3  is out-of-print (along with Volume #1) but the rest are still available. I remember reading that the GAL was discontinuing the Big Red Book format, per se, and were changing how they archived the monthly articles. 

My guess would be they had a certain number of copies of the books available and, when they're gone, it wouldn't be cost-effective to reprint such a big hardbound book.

At any rate, I've got Vol #3 so if you're looking for some specific article, drop me a PM and I'd be happy to photocopy it.

Ahhh. ITs the only one I'm Missing. But I appreciate it! I just saw it for sale with a price I couldn't afford and assumed there was some particular article in it that some may have considered really valuable. But If you have a favorite entry from it youd like to submit I would'nt complain. Thanks for the Response! 


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