I'm looking for a source for replacement and replica geared tuners, specifically for the Paramount style F banjo. I had a post some months ago regarding making bronze castings of the tuner housings. But did not get any feedback. Before I get involved with making the parts, I want to make sure that they are not available.
Thank you,

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Terry -

Lange was pretty much the only banjo factory that did all its own metal work, and they actually made the Page pegs used on their instruments. The Page geared pegs were made in a number of different varieties, each requiring its own special casting for the case. So, in order to find salvage, you'll want top post photos of the style you need. Each of the varieties are seen in either gold or nickel plating, and if you can find the appropriate nickel one, it would be far easier to replate than replicate.
Thank you for your time and knowledge. I should tell you that I have no experience with musical instruments, I'm helping a friend who dropped his Paramount style F banjo, and broke one of the geared tuners. I'm a sculptor with a small studio foundry, and he thought that I would be able to cast a new tuner housing. I don't think I would have any problem making a mold from the broken housing and centrifugal casting it. His idea was for me to cast the housing, and he would have it gold plated. Would you have any idea what metal would be appropriate? I usually cast in bronze, but could use just about any metal. Before I jump into this project, I wanted to find out how hard it was going to be to find replicas. I do have good photos of the tuners (housings). but it looks like this is going to be a long search, and now I'm thinking that I will have a go at making some replacements. Again, would you know what metal was used for the original housings? My guess is that since they were plated, the material may have been (white) pot metal.
If you have the time, and interest I would appreciate any thoughts about this project that you may have.
Thank you,
Terry -

I repeat - salvage is easier that repair, much of the time. That said, the tuners were pot metal for sure, and some of that old stuff deteriorates with age rather badly, so there are LOTS of broken Page peg castings out there. So many, in fact, that a large percentage of the old Paramount banjos have had their tuners replaced. That process is the source of salvage. Post a photo!
Terry, I have some repro Page housings that someone cast in brass a long time ago. Post a closeup photo so I can see if they match. The originals are notorious for spontaneously crumbling, so inspect the others carefully.
Hi Terry,
If you are set on casting this, is it possible to use one of the surviving castings to make a mold?

These show up occasionally on ebay and there may be a few shops that have an odd tuner lying about. Unless the owner is really fussy about the originals, I'd replace them with a better quality tuner and save the old ones until you find a matching replacement. The Page tuners weren't all that great and many of the old die-cast housings deteriorate. I wouldn't spend the time making a new one unless this is a museum-quality piece.

an old post I see....

I have  set of 4 made of brass...soon to go on ebay


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