Hi all , I have a gretsch acoustic 7525 with triangle soundhole on by bench , it needs a reset and refret . Does anybody know how these go ? Standard dovetail ? Note stringer in neck . Thanks

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I'll chime-in, if only to keep the topic from slipping down the list!   Sadly, I have no clue what you're going to find in there but (based on the wide & narrow heel) it may be something akin to the Gibson acoustics.  

Definitely following and most curious, since there HAS to be any number of folks here with the answer for you.  Heck, maybe they just haven't seen the question yet?   Well let's make sure they do. 

Best of luck, Len... and I'll be watching with you!

Thanks Mike , I was starting to feel overlooked ha ha . anyway I had to go for it , as you can see it is a dovetail but its a kind of shallow angle and also deep . HHG and shims , not the worst Gretsch Ive seen at all . I got lucky for once and happened to find the side of the dovetails !/2" in from fretboard edge , the end gap was between frets 15 & 16 . The only doozy is those cool position markers need to be shielded from the heat when lifting the board , as you can see with the arrow . Oh and this model is called the Rancher.

Wow... that's pretty cool!  Good pics and love those position markers.  Hard to tell, but was there much of a usable gap between the end of the dovetail and the pocket for getting the steam needle inserted?

If memory serves, there's some sort of "data base" here on the various resets we've encountered over the years. This Gretsch "Rancher"might be a most-welcomed addition to it. 

I should know where that data base is alas, not.  Someone with a better knowledge of the site could likely steer you to it,    In any event, Len, you did good and thanks for sharing! 

Yes, you found (and I as well) the reset gallery!  You shared some great information.  Nice work, Len.

Thanks Mike , there is a gap at the end of dovetail but you cant access it , except through each side of the joint as mentioned above .

I guess that you can loosen the heated inlay and put some white paint on the back side of it to get it brighter.


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