Hello, I have a Guild Sarfire 1V 12 string, purchased new eighteen months ago, currently strung with my preferred choice, Ernie Ball 10-46 nickel wound strings. (The guitar is built with a three piece laminated neck for extra rigidity).
I keep the guitar tuned to A440 concert pitch but I am considering trying a set of La Bella Stainless Steel flatwound 11-52.
Is this likely to cause any issues with the instrument?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.......Brian T. William's.

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You might have to snug-up the trussrod a taste after installing the heavier set but, other than that, there shouldn't be any issues.

Thank you Mike. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am comfortable adjusting the setup, but by main concern is that the extra tension will not cause any structural damage considering I wish to keep the guitar at A440 pitch. Your advice would be that that should not be an issue?

Thank you....Brian

Sure, I believe that's the case.  The guitar should be built stoutly-enough that simply swapping out a set of strings ought not to cause any structural damage. 

Of course, if you wanted to be extra careful, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give Guild a call or drop them an e-mail to get their advice.... but my own opinion is that it'll be fine. 

i'd be scared if it were a flat top acoustic but since it's really a solidbody electric it should be fine.

heavy flats seem like an odd choice for a 12-string though

Thanks for the reply Walter.

Just thought I'd like to try the flat wound thingy after all I have read about it's contribution to the 60's Beatles, Byrds, Searchers sound.

After thinking on it a bit longer, I decided not to go ahead, and stick with (what I think) is a great sound anyway.

"You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone)...J. Mitchell.  :-)


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