Seems to be 'topic #1' on the news these days, so I thought it'd be interesting to throw it out there.

I live in a rural area. A typical repair scenario goes like this: one of the music stores that I do repairs for will call with a repair. We chat a moment to get some details and I'll agree to do it (or not) and give a rough on-the-phone estimate, subject to change when the instrument's in-hand.  I try to "bundle" trips into town (it's a 40 mile round-trip drive) combining grocery shopping or whatever with instrument pickup. If there's two to pick-up, so much the better. 

It's a balancing act. If I wait too long to make the gas-burning drive, the store and the instrument owner get a bit antsy. If I go pick it up immediately, everybody's happy except my gas tank.  Experience has taught me that folks are mostly unwilling to drive to my home shop because of the distance, so I'm expected to get the instrument. But now that we're all looking-down the barrel of $5/gal gasoline, my rates will have to reflect that... further discouraging business.   

So what's your take on the gasoline prices and how do they affect your business?

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Oh Mike, when I see what gas costs in the USA, I start to cry: $5 a gallon is about $ 1.32 a liter (one US Gallon being 3.78l), which makes your gas about € 0.95 a liter. I drive a diesel, and yesterday I paid € 1.41 for a liter. that is $ 7.40 for a US gallon. Gas (petrol) is about € 1.55 here at the moment, that's € 8.13 for a US gallon. And you think you have problems :-)

But seriously, I feel your pain: I can understand you wanting to bundle the job pickups with a round trip of 40 miles

On the other hand, my workshop is in the city centre, in Lübeck harbour, and the store I do jobs for is 800m away, only takes a few minutes to drive over.

But it still hurts when I pay over € 70 to fillup when the tank's empty, like yesterday. I increased my hourly rate from €30 to € 40 last December to compensate for the rising prices here, so far nobodies complaining. Maybe you should consider that too? I don't know what the market will stand where you are. My € 40 an hour is about what a plumber or carpenter here would charge, but I have no idea about the prices over there.

Maybe you should buy a diesel: I get 40mpg in town, and over 50mpg on a trip :-)



I acquired a moped several years ago 100 mpg &

about wore it out since it was made in the late 70's.I now ride a 125cc scooter..Subaru sits and waits in the driveway,and usually try not to think about the bumps in gas prices but as you know Europeans have been payin' out the ass

for years. We just never thought it could happen here even tho' we've been toyed w/ for decades by oil magnate types .Now it's too late to get ready but I have to some extent beaten them at their own game.I enjoy spending$3.5 to ride for maybe a week. So I feel anaffected really.The good money goes for important stuff,strings,wood,tuners,food,fun.Too bad they won't come to you!Almost sounds like the perfect situation for an electric.Good luck

yeah, I thought about a scooter too for whizzing around in the city. But, er, how do you transport guitars with a scooter? That's the main reason I still use the car, otherwise I could use my bicycle to ride to the shop, and keep fit. Some of my customers bring their guitars to the shop without any kind of case case, not even a gigbag. I alwas keep a few blankets in the trunk for transporting those :-)



charge Gas for plus 10%

" do you transport guitars with a scooter?"  Grahame ... Guitar Side-Car ! 



Don't laugh...I have a small trailer for my bicycle :-)  I'll just have to build a frame to stack the guitars vertically in it. ...But cheaper diesel would be nicer: On Monday this week a liter cost €1.40, today: €1.47...ouch!



One at a time on good days.........none on bad...and I don't do house calls! Buwhy doesn't anybody complain about goofy circular vehicle racing.I've the amount of fuel they burn up is nothing!!! I ain't buyin' it.Electric auto racing sounds exciting and much quieter.

Ah yes, I can see it now!  The whir of the motors, the whine of charging dynamos, the expectant stench of ozone and battery acid,  a coal fired electric plant in the background.


 Electric Racing.... with charging stops!  Fast and Furious for a couple of laps then lunch and a nap. After the siesta, back to the action! Forget 24 hours at La Mans, we'll have 96 hours at Indy!


Maybe they can rig replacement battery trays and set them up in the pit in front of the car. The car stops, a the fresh tray of power is pushed in from the front with the expended tray pushed out the back. a quick battery/tire change and away they go!  


BTW, they will have to install good sound systems so they can play convincing engine sounds of the fan will never stay awake. 

watch for speed bumps Gram full steam ahead ,Hey what do you do with a Drunken Sailor ? hunm shave his belly with a rusty Razor, I hope we all figure this out I am talking survival good day
FrankRambo has spokeshaved many a rusty sailor....Arrrrgh matey!Steam powered sc00ter?

LOL...Don't know what you guys have been smoking, but could you send me some?


it is pure tone wood try some


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