Hi friends, this is a Vox Cougar Bass.

The action is like 9/32 because a top sinking problem

I'm not sure if is the original glue, because it feels like  construction adhesive.

Can you tell how it was separated?

Does anybody knows how to bend or fix the top? any information will be appreciated.

Thank You


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I'm sorry, what?

From what I understand, laminated tops are pressed into shape using a mold and heat. If you had the original mold then the top (with bracing removed could be placed on top of the mold and hot sand bags used to recreate the shape.

I couldn't find the photo essay I referenced but it doesn't matter. From what I understand you can't mirror image a mold mechanically. It has to be done digitally using a 3D scanner.

There is a company called Digital Dimensions that can create a image for cutting a plaster mold via CNC.

Check the reply by DirDim in this thread:

You could make a DIY 3D Laser scanner fairly inexpensively with a laser level, a web cam, and some free software:

The image then could be used to carve a plaster or wooden positive of the top using CNC.

I'm not saying this is cost effective in this particular case.

For a $200, poorly made to begin with instrument? That would be like using a sledge hammer to kill a flea. ;)

Like Ned said, it's more cost effective to build one properly from scratch.

Robbie, The plaster cast I mentioned earlier is a mirror image of the top. You don't need a 3D printer to make one.  As Rusty pointed out in his first post, the real issue isn't IF this guitar's top can be reshaped so much as it is what is required to correct the general failure of the design to support the top in the first place  It's not going to be nearly enough to reshape the top. 

I just re-read your post and it makes sense now. More coffee for me next time I come on here! :)


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