Interesting Tuners found on a pre 1900 Guitar at Pioneer Village, Minden NE

Pleased to present for your consideration. . . . . . . . .

On a trip last fall to Pioneer Village in Minden NE, I came across an unlabeled guitar with a type of tuners I have never seen before.

The guitar is small, guessing 1870-1900 and gut strung.  But the individual tuners shaft could be pulled out of the worm gear/tuner button shaft and rotated by hand.  I'm guessing to speed up re-stringing.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, had to use my phone and the guitar was at the back of a poorly lite case.

Couldn't talk anyone into opening the case and letting me inspect the guitar in hand or photograph it properly.

I recently emailed the manager and asked more about it, but have not heard from them.

Anyone seen this before?  Thought I'd share it with everyone

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I've seen this on many upright bass machines, where you can disengage the gears to facilitate winding new strings, but not on a guitar before.

Yup, we do see them occasionally.  I recall looking up the patent, but have now forgotten where. . .


While looking up info on Bruno guitars, I found this picture:

These were on a Bruno guitar, and the accompanying text said that they had a patent date of 9/22/1874.

The patent was U.S. Patent 155352 granted to Hiram White.


Sorry, I just found that website to no longer be functioning.  If you go to the top of the page, to Search FRETS.NET, and type in "unusual tuners" the second entry is my request from 3 years ago for information about these same tuners.


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