Looking for thread on removing/redoing Waverley Tuner buttons...

Since search function is no longer working, I am just trying to find that old thread for some answers on a thread on Collings Forum.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Don't know that thread, but check out

Is this the one?

Collins forum

I don't want to join the Collings forum so I'll answer here.  I replaced mine several years ago, removing ebony buttons and installing pearl buttons that were compatible, from the previous set of tuners (old style Gotohs, damaged).  It was clear that the buttons were glued on but I was able to remove them and replace them fairly easily.  IIRC, I did so before installing them.  No damage to the removed buttons.  The pearl buttons work fine with no adhesives--that's what the screws are for... .

Caveat: StewMac seems to have escalated their use of adhesives for Waverly assembly.  Mine are several years old so the use of epoxy may be a later practice.  When first released, the buyer could obtain an adjustment tool and change the tension in the collars on the button shafts.  Now the tool is unavailable and they use Loctite on the adjustable collar.  Seems a real lack of trust for their customers, most of whom are probably repair pros and can handle the issues.  Maybe it's to protect themselves and their lifetime warranty.  The tuners can always be returned but then the instrument is unavailable until they come back--and I don't know if they'd change out buttons on warranty for free.

My comments relate to the Mandolin tuner buttons.  Different issues with the guitar buttons with no screws to hold them on and I'm not familiar with that.

 Folks, there was/is a FRETS thread somewhere on this site that deals with removing buttons off of Waverleys. That was what I was looking for. Thanks for the info you have posted Larry and Thomas both!  Larry, I have done the same with Waverlies, I was just wanting a refresher to make sure I had all the points. Of course it is the epoxied on ones, and not screw on that I was interested in. 

stew mac has a video on line in the secrets. but in a nut shell you heat the shaft with a soldering iron until the old buttons can be pulled off and heat again to press the new buttons on i've used it for some years now. No Glue Nessary

 Steve, that is not the one, but thanks. The info is almost all the same. I posted it on Collings Forum.


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