I'm considering using a cocobolo/Engelmann spruce laminated back for one of my upcoming classical guitars, kind of along the lines of the Contreras' doble tapa model. I can imagine some ways of doing it and of what glues might be useful, but I'd really like to get the forum's input if anyone has any experience in doing this.

I do have vacuum clamping available to me but I'm concerned about long glue set times and wood dehydration in the vacuum process. Thoughts, anyone?

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So instead of a double top you're doing a double back? Are you using that honeycombed composite material somehow? Not sure I get the picture............Assuming it's the back will the engelmann be on the inside?
Hi, Tim. Nothing more complicated than cocobolo on the outside and spruce on the inside without Nomex. Could also be other rosewoods on the outside.



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