An original Mario Martello made in Concord, CA in 1968.  The cracks in the back are open but look like a bad repair was attempted.  The wood is cupping a little on either side of the crack and someone tried to smooth it out by scraping.  The cracks are on either side of the neckblock foot and run under Mario's label but not all the way to the second (middle) back brace.  The middle & lower bout back braces are loose at the ends but the tips are tucked securely into the liner.


1.  I would normally put LMI instrument glue along the brace where it is unglued & work the back till the glue was pulled through & clamp with a wood soundpost wedged against a top brace.  It does not look like there is enough open space to get the glue through.  #10 Stew Mac AC would wick through but it discolors the wood & I cannot reach in to clean it up.  Any suggestions on how to get the back braces secure with minimum alterations to this one of a kind instrument?


2.  Any suggestions on how to get the pucker out of the back cracks & secure them?They are too close to the neck block to add a patch and the ends of the cracks are under Mario's label which needs to be left alone.


3.  Does anyone know what finish he used?  Nitro?  French polished shellack?


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Frank Ford is your man for any questions regarding this one. Frank holds Mario and his work in very high regard. Mario passed a few years back but was, per Frank, "by far, the most productive single instrument repair person in Northern California".  

For anyone unfamiliar with Mario's legacy, check-out this piece Frank wrote on the "other" site...

As well as this memorial page on the G.A.L. site....

At any rate, questions about any guitar made by Mario should hopefully be able to be answered by Frank.


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