It may be purely coincidental, but in the last month I have come across 2 Martins where the heel has separated slightly from the body. It’s like the joint was loose from the factory and held in place by glue instead of a good fit.

Wondering if anyone else has come across this, and whether there’s a better strategy for repair besides resetting the neck.

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Maybe there is a screw to tighten?

Nope, these were both models with dovetail joints. One is a 000-28EC. I can’t remember the other model, maybe an OM-28?

The EC is with me now. The other was the original owner, so I referred him to the factory for a warranty repair.

Here's a picture of the joint.  It kind of looks like a glue joint failed, perhaps without much glue in it.

It happens occasionally, and a loose heel is the current test for whether a reset would qualify as a warranty repair for the original owner.


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