This is my latest to go out the door. Its Brazilian back, sides ,bridge, fingerboard and peghead veneer. The top is adirondack. One of the nicest I've had. Very even grain and no discoloration or runout.

You gotta love that Old Standard Wood.



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Oh yea, A very Merry CHRISTMAS to you all!!

That's a gorgeous piece David.  Beautiful wood and execution!!!!!

I bet that exceeds the $7.5K range.

May you enjoy the best holiday season ever,

Paul (:

simply beautiful David

mighty fine!!

Merry backatcha

Thanks all. I was kinda proud of this one.

wow, that guitar is like the finest diamond

simply amazing


Looks great!  Beautiful!!!

Looks very nice David keep up the good work Bill...............

now  that's  what  i  CALL  a  mirror  finish !!!


That's Beautiful!

Hope you had a merry Christmas too, David.


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