This LP had the worst water damage, Maple cap joint release and even began to let go of the mahogany. One more will receive the same treatment. Oxalic acid to bleach out stains. If the bleaching is unsuccessful then i have some interesting paint options i will run with.  Since i will lose the correct spacing for Hardware mounting screws I will use some complementary pieces of wood for a center strip and then use that same wood for the binding on the body and the FB.  

oh and who knows what the number 5 on the neck joint means? 

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I like that idea too. Celebrate their heritage. Leave the scars!  LP Flooded.

Robbie, Kerry, Mike..

Robbie! I can't thank you enough for posting the drawings...Excellent resource and huge benefit to everyone here. Super cool share bro! 

Kerry! Primarily I would like these to be a demonstration that the instruments that were damaged in the floods still have potential to be good instruments if cared for properly...And discarding the maple entirely would no longer allow this project to display that idea entirely. Maybe that's a bit stubborn but it was my initial goal. But i do have some great maple i intended for  my own builds that would make these absolutely stunning so you've got me thinking....

Mike! you make a very good point. Although Let's say that i continue with the bleaching which every time i do that i have to clamp all pieces to a very flat piece of stainless steel to keep them from warping any and even after i leave them there for a day or more they tend to be in a different shape than they were previously....also if the more vigorous bleaching products require me to sand a lot more...i am running the chance of changing the dimensions/graduations of the would suck to have the bridge post inserts sticking out of the top even if it was a minor amount...if i wanted to get those posts back below the level of the top...i would be required to drill deeper....then i have a lower max height for bridge position and could be pushing my tolerances with the current neck angle...once again i may be being a little to paranoid...But leaving the stains there has crossed my mind....I'm just not sure..i want these to be owned by players who love to play them...the last thing i want to hear is " Feel's great...sounds great...but these looks...?" you know? and like i said before i may be able to hide the stains a bit if i got creative with some dye work..

Regardless of my ambivalence every ones suggestions and input are greatly appreciated! Keep em coming!  

Today is my Building and Repairing "Shabbat" haha...I usually just play tunes and mess with amps and recording on Sundays so no updates...Classes start this week so i will probably be a few day's before i get back to you...but that will give me time to decide on the Hydroxide/hydrogen product over the next 24 hours..but i WILL have a Decision by then...

Much love fellas! Thanks FRANK FORD for supplying us with such a great opportunity for community here at FRETS.NET

Talk to ya'll soon!

Bob...what's the latest? Were you able to reuse the tops?


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