Has anyone tried the Old Brown Glue from Lee Valley? I want to know if I should add it to the arsenal of glue in my cupboard.

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It came up in this thread a couple of years ago. The last comment talks about using OBG but the link he posted is dead now. I did some checking and it appears that the book he referenced on hide glue is out of print right now. 

I also found that Old Brown Glue is available directly from the maker's site in San Diego. He has some links to articles as well as recommendations about it's use here.

I came across quite a few good posting about this particular brand of liquid HG. I still worry about the addition of urea and it's longevity.  I wasn't aware of it but there is mention in the thread from 2012 and other places of using salt to modify the working time for HHG. The biggest problem I have with this sort of "endorsement" is that there is very little long term experience presented. Most of what I've seen is a few years at best AND most of it is in conjunction with furniture and veneer work. While I think that furniture references certainly add support to the glue working under stressed conditions, the veneer work is hardly something to bolster my confidence about  strength down the road. 

This hide glue available in my home state of North Carolina...

 Fine Woodworking did a test a few years ago--it's performance was identical with freshly prepared HHG.  Of course, there are some who find it hard to believe that it could be just as good and not as stressful. 

You can get it direct from the maker.

Howard -

Have you tried it? What's the verdict?


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