Anyone have any tips to clean a much sweat and dirt stained Martin parlor top of 1923 vintage? Would it be shellac? A lot of the finish is worn off, leaving dirty raw spruce in places. Thanks for any help on this,

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I've found no better cleaner for grime than naptha.  Don't put anything on it that contains water and even when using naptha, use it minimally on bare spruce.
Actually, a cloth dampened with distilled or demineralized water is the first thing to use. There's no harm in introducing a small amount of water to the finish or the bare spruce. You do not want to soak it, of course. A cleaning product I have used for many years that is also used in the antique furniture conservation world is a pink gel called Sterling's Magic. It comes in a 16 oz. plastic tub. I use a tiny bit on a dampened cloth and work in a small area at a time. The idea is to lift off the grunge, not grind it in.
I have been having great results with Vitruoso cleaner and polish system made specifically for instrument  finishes.


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