I recently came across - which i "devoured", because it's so full of great insight and information, and from there on I discovered this forum - great place, too!

My interest in guitar's inner workigs is pretty recent, and my study into this field is just at the beginning. But from my readings so far - including those from - I've been able to understand much more about guitars than I could understand before, and for this I am grateful to guys like you who share information.

Since it's always best to measure twice and cut once, I figure I'd better read all I can and understand as much as I can about guitars before embarking on the rather complex journey of making one. So right now I'm in the "knowledge buildup" stage, and too keep myself challenged without actually touching a workbench, I started collecting a sum of "utilities" for luthiers, in the form of an online tool.

What I'd really appreciate would be if you guys could take a peek there and give me some feedback on the tools you can find there, or even better, to challenge me with completing it with new tools.

Here's the address:

Since I'm still working on it, the "export" functions in a couple of modules don't work yet, and the Rosette Designer still needs some tuning up, but you'll get the general idea, I hope.

Well this post is getting long enough as it is, so I figure I'd better stop here for now.

I'd much appreciate your feedback on this!

Thank you,

Eros Nicolau

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Salutari din Bucuresti .

ma bucur sa vad un conational aici :-)

Hello from Bucharest.

I am glad to see a conational here :-)

Multumesc, Eugen! Si mai placut sa vad un co-bucurestean! Te-ai uitat pe link? Feedback? Idei de utilitati ce s-ar putea adauga? :)

Thanks, Eugen! Even nicer to see a co-Bucharest guy! Have you seen my link? Any feedback? Ideas for things to add?

Thank You for this. I have never seen an arch calculator before, and I have looked. I found a formula for it one time, but it was beyond my math skills. Good luck on building your guitar


You're most welcome, Steve! And thanks, but the building project is still far away ahead... Hopefully will start it some time sooner than expected.

Please do tell me if you've been looking for other similar utilities that you haven't found or think would go nicely in my collection of tools.

Thanks for publishing these tools!  I agree, the arch calculator is terrific.  

Thank you, Frank!

Eros,  Thanks from me also.  I just used your nut string spacing calculator, and it was very handy.  I think I could have figured it out on my own, but it was sure easier your way.


You welcome, George! Of course none of those tools break new grounds. It's just that for me they were a pleasure to build and I know how handy it is to save some time when ever possible.

Again, I come with the question: do you know of other such tools that we could incorporate there, to add up to this still young Swiss army knife?

the bottom right corner where the "Measuring units" box is is overflowing off the bottom of the screen in ff15 and no scroll bar to get there on my girlfriend's laptop.

Howdy Eros and Brian, I'm having the same problem Brian is having with getting all the information showing on my computer screen. I'm sure there is a way to fix this 'cause these tools are very cool! Looking forward to being able to see the whole thing!
Lee G.

You're most welcome, guys! This was a quirk, but also a quick fix! :) Please check again - you should now see the ever necessary scroll-bars, when needed!

Thanks Eros!

Lee G.


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