Parlor Guitar pondering... Is this what I think it is??

This old parlor guitar has all the characteristics of an old Stauffer/ Martin.

Am I dreaming?

Where is Greig Hutton when you need him!!!

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Here are some additional photos.


Is it what you think it is?

Depends on what you think it is.   These Stauffer-style guitars were made by the many thousands  around the turn of the last century.   For a bit of fun, take a trip here:

It's an old one, not the usual turn-of-the century. Somewher between 1850-1900 I'd guess.

See several like this come up on eBay each year, mainly from German sellers. I believe that CF Martin copied several design features from Stauffer when he moved to the US, including the ability to adjust the neck with a clock key.  Martin claimed to be a pupil of Staufer, of Vienna, Several makes of that name existed but it has not been established which Staufer Martin ever worked for, nor the extent of the training he received. However, Martin used this association to enhance his own reputation when he first started to make guitars in the US. 

Like the headstock, the rest looks like a rather run of the mill late 19th century German/Austrian guitar. 

See "Inventing the American Guitar: The Pre-Civil War inventions of C. F. Martin and His Contemporaries" for a lot of history of Martin and his Stauffer influences. IIRC it does identify the Stauffer Martin worked with--there were a lot of Stauffer copyists as well. Good read Frank's partner in Gryphon is one of several co-authors. Lots of eye candy, too, both Martin and other builders.


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