Hi All,

I am new to this site and I am grateful to be included. I have a single acoustic guitar that I don't play nearly enough due to busy family and work life, but I am very interested in lutherie. I love guitars, and drool over them regularly. I've owned three guitars but I am down to one now (breedlove mahogany dreadnought). I also really love wood and earthy things, as well as working with my hands and building things. I enjoy the details when I clean, oil, polish and restring my guitar. I have played in my church off and on for 15 years, not that I'm that good as I've stuck mostly to chords and rhythm and a little finger picking. I discovered bluegrass and folk music though and been bit by the acoustic guitar bug for the last year or so. I have recently become interested in getting into the craft and potentially professionally eventually. 

For those of you that are actively working in the field, what advice, warnings, encouragements might you have for someone with an interest but no experience (apart from my own guitar maintenance)?

Sorry for the long post, just trying to give some background. 

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Thanks Taffy! so you're saying to look deeper than correcting the symptom but making sure there's not something deeper that could cause it to happen again? 

Hi Chris, yes that's exactly what I mean. If I see a lifting bridge I look for loose braces, a lifting fingerboard I look for overtightened neck rod, a guitar that's been dropped, with peghead damage, I also look for loose braces, that sort of thing.



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