Precision Router Base and Proxxon IB/E - Bridge Slotting Jig

Does anyone know if the StewMac Precision Router Base will work with the Proxxon IB/E?

Also, is the StewMac the only and best option? I guess I'm wondering about the durability of an acrylic jig.

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The best is this one in my opinion.  I own it and it is just great, but the cost is very high.

I also own the Stew Mac base and several others (Dremels old and new).  The Stew Mack is

a nice base to use once setup but it is difficult to adjust and the knurled locking knob/nuts

tend to work loose.   The only reason I still use it, is I have the Stew Mac Rosette trench cutting

Dremel mounting jig and I use it to hog out material in the rosette trench once I score the trench in with my Schnieder/Gramal rosette blade/cutter tool.

Sorry here is the url for the bishop cochran router base.

Yes, I have lusted after the Cochran router base. I'd have to step up to the Colt to justify it and that's $375 for the pair. One day when I've been good and the Lords of Kobol smile upon me.

Ok Hesh,

 I just looked at the pictures of your jig again and (this is NOT a knock because I think it's great) but it hit me that it looks something like a cross between R2D2 and an Saturn 5 rocket launch gantry.  I actually laughed but it didn't do a thing to the streak of envy I have. It's just COOL. 

I set up the slotting jig and the Proxxon router base allowed almost no visibility of the slot. So, I cut out the front of the Proxxon base mimicking the Cochran base.  I had to take off the plunge springs to get low enough because the acrylic is 3/8th doubled up.

1st Iteration:

2nd Iteration:

That's the 1/4" Dremel bit I used to level the insert.

Hi there!

I would be interested in making this cut too! What have you used for cutting the router base? It seem a pretty decent cut. 

Okay...I finally got up my nerve (after rereading three repair books and reviewing jig instructions) and cut the slot. Went off without a hitch. The modified Proxxon base has great visibility and is as steady as a rock. The slot is very clean. Now, just a little rosewood dust and superglue to fill an a few imperfections on the rosewood insert.

The Contender:

The Outcome:

Whew! That was nerve wracking, but I feel like It got me out of a rut ;-)

Thanks again, Hesh for your generous gift!


You are very welcome Robbie and nice job too!


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