I use an 18" Grizzly Drum Sander to thickness backs and sides.  I use 100 grit paper, keep it clean, advance mere micro millimeters for each pass yet still can't avoid burning.  Any suggestions?  The feed rate has been tested from slowest to fastest, yet it doesn't seem to make a difference.  The harder the wood, the more prone it is to burning.  Must I accept burning as part of the process (I can scrape it off in the end)?

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some times the sand paper can over lap this is my issue, I sand with the 24 inch dual drum grizzly and burn marks for me means the sand paper is over lapping it self .Id pop the top and re rap the paper on and duct duck tape the ends and or maby the paper needs to be cleaned off a bit when i get the clog up like wax or anything that may have caused the paper to clog up there are these erasers on the market i suggest investing in a few of them to clean off the paper before proceeding Happy New Year
With a new thought I sand with 80 grit. Try a new piece of paper if you are sanding rose or hickory yea you might burn with 100 grit that is well used go for new grit and make a pass on a different piece
I use the little Performax (10-20) so I have to pass on each side to thickness a plate.  I have never had a problem with burning, but I keep my sanding belt really clean (I have a sanding "eraser" next to it and use it about every 4th pass) and use a Grizzly product that comes in 10' or 30' rolls for about 4 bucks.  It fabric backed and doesn't loat much anyways.  I get 3 out of the small one, if I'm really careful cutting.  Also, when wrapping the drum I don't go right up tight to eachother, but leave a little gap of about 3mm.  I find that any dust not pulled into the hose lodges in there rather than the grit.  I've done Sitka and Englemann spruce, and the hardwoods from mahogany to ebony, no issues.  Hope this helps.


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