Hey all.

I've done one refret ever, and it turned out great. But in that case the frets removed where the same size as the frets replaced.

With this problem I'm having today, I'm replacing vintage size frets with 6105 frets. They are pre-radiused to 9.5". When I hammer them in, the center goes deep enough, but the ends do not. The ends on both sides pop out (not a lot, but I can fit paper under them). I thought maybe there was glue or something holding them up. After looking some more, it seems the fret tang is slightly longer. I don't really understand what's happening. Why would the center of the fret bang in all the way, and the ends do not?

I measured the thickness of the tangs using calipers, and the new, larger frets are .21, and the smaller vintage were .19. It seems close enough that they should bang in just fine. The height of the tang looks to be .77 and .61. This might be where the issue is? But I'm just not experienced to understand what is going on.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I have the basic tools for a fret job but nothing specialized like crimpers or fret barbers, etc.

Thank you.

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Something happened to have changed the radius of the frets, most likely during the course of removing them....


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