I'm building a pair of parlor guitars, one of which has a set of highly figured sides. I was a bit worried about these sides cracking while bending them, so I used a piece of sheet metal to support them while bending on the hot pipe (note, this was not the Stewmac supplied spring steel bending aid, it was just a random relatively clean steel sheet I had lying around my shop). The sides bent just fine, but it looks like this piece of sheet metal stained them somewhat. Does anyone have any advice on how to remove the stains? I'd rather not sand them out, besides, I think they may go pretty deep. 

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It's mineral staining (Iron) from not using Stainless steel. Oxalic acid, also known as wood bleach, can be used to remove or reduce the staining. It may take more than one application. Should be available at most hardware stores. I don't know if it absolutely necessary or not, but I like to wipe it down with baking soda mixed in water to neutralize any remaining acid. The down side is that it will also bleach the natural wood color somewhat. Sanding after its dry may mitigate any disparity. If you plan to stain, it may not be an issue. Hope this helps...


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