This is a situation I ran into in a personal guitar. Insects of unknown specie. The spray will, I
hope, keep the little buggers in check. I wonder does anyone run into this type of thing elsewhere?

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Here's some photos, Aloha.
Sorry , I can't seem to get more than one photo up, but suffice it to say, the neck pocket was full of

Try putting rattlesnake raddles in the body. The small amount or the snake poison will discourage the bugs.

I have heard that the raddles make violins sound different but after playing them with many raddles  and the same violin with none I cant hear a deference.  This remedy was told to by Ronnie Stoneman of the Stoneman family and the TV show He Ha.  She said they used that remedy to keep the mud wasps from filling the violins with their nests.


Well, don't store it in the barn!  ;-)

You could probably melt a bit of citronella wax and brush it into a unobtrusive area. Be easy to remove. The solvents in bug spray might interact with the finish or glues.

Back in the south there was no screen doors so all the bugs had the run of the house! 

Thank you Lord for screen!



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