I can't find any thin spruce to make some cleats, and Stewmac wants to much shipping for a small order.  Anyone have a source for some cleats in the US?  Plenty on Ebay in the UK.  I just need a few to repair some cracks in this old '76 Ovation top, to keep them from spreading.

This old girl needs some TLC for sure!

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Most any wood can be used for reinforcing those cracs.   If you don't have easy access to spruce, you can substitute any wood that looks like it.  Pine would work just as well, and it would be pretty much indistinguishable to someone looking inside the guitar . . .

I have gotten strips of spruce (labeled as such at least) at good hobby shops. You have to sift through for good grain orientation.

Ditto what Frank said. 2x4's and such are spruce for the most part.

In a pinch... make them from a popstickle stick or paint stir stick. It is plenty strong as long as you put it in with the grain in the right direction.

I should be able to find something in this bag :-)

I use wood from old trash guitars.


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