Does anyone know where I can get full size plans for a flat teardrop mandolin

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 Mike do you know any one that has one ?  If so you could just get them to let you take mesurments off it. That is the way I always get the plans for a new Insturment.Good luck Bill..

I haven't seen many flattop mandolins with f-holes and don't recall ever seeing plans for one. 

 What I have seen are usually odd ball, rather cheaply made vintage instruments that don't seem to have sold or held up well or new one-off mandolins made by individuals that are experimenting.  The last appear to come about by someone selecting a body shape then work up bracing to support the changed sound hole design/location. 

 I think I remember seeing a thread on the Mandolin Cafe site where bracing for a flattop like this was discussed. You might try asking around over there.

American Lutherie #117 has an in-depth sixteen page article on Waldo Mandolins. It includes many photos and several drawings of braces and f-holes.

Hey Mark, I think  you missed one of the criteria in the O.P. post. He's asking for plans for a flat top mandolin with f-holes.  The only link you posted that combines f-holes and a flat top is the one on the "instructables" site. I knew about that one but didn't think it was a plan so much as a suggestion about how it might be done.  


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