Our days of frustration are over :).

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I saw these on WD's site.  Good for serious DIY'rs but if you know how to cut & adjust a nut, it's WAY more trouble than it's worth :)

Although I could seeing it being beneficial to budget guitars, especially 12 strings, the price of the product plus a reasonable $75 installation fee would frighten the owners of those guitars. Maybe I just can't figure out who their "target audience" is.

FYI: it's been my personal experience that zero frets are great on guitars where the player doesn't bend strings. If a guitarist is a big bender (me), the zero fret will wear down in 2 months and the plain strings will get hung up on the Zfret every time.

Thanks, man :)

and it includes a free bumper sticker, to boot?!  

I missed that one. But I did catch the explicit recommendation of a silicone based lubricant on one of the pages.

Very much a solution looking for a problem.

This is worse

A drop in compensated nut with extra length on the GBE.

Exactly the wrong direction for compensation, yet they still get positive feedback

But Jeff, 25 buyers can't be wrong!

Man ! thats crazy .

We inherrited lots of parts from the previous shop that was here for decades.  You know the kind of stuff that no one wanted, would not sell, or no one believed in enough to attempt to turn a client on to the idea.

As such we have three of these new in packages.... ;)

It's also likely that when we all are fertilizer there will still be three packages of these things here....

Do you have any of those string clamps Steinberger licensed from Schaller, that look kinda like piano pedals? Ive got one of those in my small collection. One of the nicer examples of things that fall into this category.


If you visit their ebay store, there you will find a warehouse full of S.O. products.  It's pretty bizarre.

Fertilizer????? Crap!  Not me. I'm to be dehydrated and smoked by my friends :)


Personally I prefer a vaporizor and hope you don't mind Paul?  ;)

:O ! Tsk tsk :P

I was going to reply but I can't remember what I wanted to say....;)


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