Ok I am gonna confess something.............. I suck at soldering. But i wanna get better but even dans book is not enough any tips. also i wanna build pick-ups and amps anyone recommend any books?.

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I had an instructor in school who would sometimes grab up your work and start jerking on the wiring to see if it was soldered well enough.If you do thing correctly, you will have a nice smooth, shiny connection with a minimum of solder.

I was taught that using solder as a conductor was not a good idea and that we should make every effort to insure that the conductors are in good contact before "gluing" the connection together. The solder is the glue in the circuit. It will conduct but it's not the point of soldering. If the connection is well done, I don't think there is a need for more exotic formulas of solder with the kind of components used in an electric guitar

BTW, it's not really a good idea to use the existing connections as an example of "good" soldering. I've fixed a lot of circuit problem by simply re-soldering the "factory" connections. Cold solder joints are pretty common in factory work.


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