Hi Everybody!

I have an old Electra semi-hollow body with a stripped truss rod nut. It looks to be a M6x1.0 thread, with an outer diameter ≈ 9mm. I've looked on McMaster-Carr , but it's a pretty large site and I'm not sure what the "industrial" term for the types of nuts used for Truss Rods. I searched coupling nuts, but they look to be too long. Is there a specific term I should be looking for? Where do you guys look for non-standard truss rod nuts?

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This guy on eBay seems to have some metric truss rod nuts, but he's a bit on the pricey side...

Coupling nuts sound like the way to go...  just spend a little fun-time with a hacksaw & a file and there you are. 

If you have access to a metal lathe - fabrication from 3/8" brass hex stock would be pretty simple.  Suggest you double check the thread.  Metal Supermarket is an excellent source for the stock.  No minimum order and you can usually pick up next day if there is a store nearby.

Cyrus , how did you go ? Ive got a mexican bass neck here with a damaged nut , I can't identify the thread , its close to 6mm and close to 1/4" but its neither , it should be 3/16" but its larger , any ideas ?

Hey Guys,

 I got bogged down with life, so I haven't been able to finish this, but I did get a M6 coupling nut at the local hardware store and figure I'll go with Mike's suggestion and cut it to the right size and clean it up. Thanks for all the advice!


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