Anyone come across this? Called Washburn but, "tech guy is on vacation". (sounds nice)

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Yes, I have seen them and yes they are glued in.. They are b band and cheap :)

Thanks Claus,

It's not the cost it's the down time.

Washburn just got back to me to say the're," not anchored in any way" :))

Maybe the heat will loosen it before destruction when I remove the bridge.

I think heat will destroy the transducer but good luck, I have had a couple before and I killed them all :( Maybe they don't deliberately glue in the transducers, but install them togeather with the bridge, and the glue squeeze out get's caught in the hole in the soundboard and bridge, it would be easy to miss when you clean off the squeeze out. 


Just for the record.

Ust is toast. Not from glue or heat, just a super tacky bond from time/pressure/ materials. 

Can't imagine why this didn't stay on. :)

It's a factory build" let's make some quick money" guitar most other big brands unfortunately..


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