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Hi Kerry,

   Is it laminate or solid? Any guess as to age and origin of the instrument?



What's it look like through the sound hole? 

 Solid wood. The maker claims it was sold to him as 'Oregon Maple' . I am sure he must know what he is talking about, but, I have never seen anything like this before. I am shaking my head here. What do you folks think of that?

Well..big leaf popped into my head, but that sure is some straight grained and wide summer/winter growths..and exceptionally plain. What's the raw colour of the wood through the sound hole, as Ned asked?

If the wood was felled and purchased local (N. America), Big Leaf could indeed be it..but it just seems odd for an individual maker to use plain maple...



My first thought was maple. I kinda like the look.

I don't mind it either. I think the finish is nice with the matte look, nice burst and the tortoise binding. I just find very plain maple a strange choice for an individual maker..but the maker certainly pulled it off. It's also a strange selection for a wood harvester that would be thinking of woods for musical's not like figured maple is hard to come by.

Kind Regards,


Flin Flon fir? 

Admittedly, I don't know what a "flin flon fir" is but fir trees are usually coniferous soft woods. I suppose it's possible to use for back (and presumably side) material but generally soft woods aren't used...

Kind Regards,


John is a friend and is making a Flin Flon Manitoba joke.  So I think I have enough info. Thanks all.

There is a Manitoba maple however. I wonder if it's related to the Oregon maple.

Ah....fellow Canadians making Flin Flon Funnies...Fantastic ☺

Best Wishes,


There is but I dont think its a true maple, its generally considered a ginormous weed. Ive diced up a fair bit of it and it didnt seem to have annular rings that pronounced in contrast between the winter and summer growth. It also usually grows all crooked-like so I dont think youd find much thats so straight. Not ruling it out, just sayin. There are lots of other maples beside sugar (rock) and big leaf, though.


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