I have this Yamaha fg-230 12 string project guitar. It is missing a machine tuner (see pics).

I am wondering if anyone can steer me towards where to get a replacement or someone who has machining capabilities.

I know it would be less expensive to just find a junk tuner set but so far the places I've looked there are none, yet.

Looking forward to comments and replies.

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If I were going to go through the trouble of resetting the neck (it does need a re-set, right?) and everything else it needs, I'd like to have a decent set of machines on it when I go to string it up and play "Walk Right In".  My druthers would be a couple of sets of Fender style machines with the safety slot, but I doubt if they would fit without modification. Still an idea worth pursuing.

My next choice would be a couple of sets of cheap Schaller/Gotoh copies, known as "high quality die cast tuners".  Get the small ones. A few hours with a reamer and you're set.  You could also gets cheap kluson copies and adapt them.

Note the recurring "cheap" reference.

That being said, I would not be surprised if I had something in my junk box that would fit, if not match the tuners that are there. I would take a look but it would be smart to send that side so I could make sure it fits. Once again, there is a reason why the part is in my junk box. 

Send me a pm if you want to pursue the "restoration" path. We all seem to have extra time on our hands these days...

Also, tighten the screw behind the high "E" or you'll have another project.

Hi there. I have some tuners left over from my resurrection of a FG-260 (not a red label) mine has a slot head but looking at your pics they appear to have the same bits except for the buttons. I looked high and low for replacement parts but found none. Ended up with 12 individual tuners that fit. It was a $10 beater so cosmetics were not high on the priority list. I did a neck reset and bridge plate replacement as well. I’ve added some pics from that that may be helpful if you need to do the same work. I drilled the standard hole at the 15th fret. You can see the hole in the pic. If I did it again I would pull the dot that’s between the 14-15th fret and catch the huge pocket where the end of the truss rod is located. No fret removal required. Mine had some type of what appeared to be HHG but it required massive amounts of heat! it came off eventually. The shims were there before me. The bridge plate on mine and was all spruce. You can see in the pic after I removed it that it almost caught the back row of pins. Almost... It was replaced with a rosewood plate. Mine plays well and has a decent tone. The plywood has aged nicely. Anyway, you’re welcome to the tuners. Just need to sort out how to get them from here to there.


Hello Joshua and John,

Thank-you both for your replies and offers.

Joshua, you are correct about the neck reset. The heel is also cracked so I'll have that to fix also.

John, I've included a pic showing my bridge plate. Got some work on it also.

Btw, after I took a pic of the bridge plate I looked at the end block and saw a crack. Another thing to fix.

It is going to be a project but I think it will sound and play o.k. when done.

Thank-you again for the replies and offers and info.




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