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Lately there has been a daily barrage of obvious spammers applying for membership here at FRETS.NET. Some time ago, I added those simple q…

Started by Frank FordLatest Reply

Searching the Forum. . .

Took a little while, but the Search function has been restored - thanks for  your patience!

Started by Frank FordLatest Reply

Neck Re-Set Gallery

Hi All,  I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I…

Started by MrGlynLatest Reply

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Removing low frets

this has probably been done by others, but I never heard anyone talk about it and I discovered this on my own. How to remove frets that are…

Started by jbbancroft

5 3 hours ago
Reply by Mike Cornwall

1970's Tama drednaught neck reset

I've been asked to make repairs on this Tama TG-120, a good(high?) quality Martin copy. Another guitar left in it's case, in a closet, for…

Started by Dave Richard

6 20 hours ago
Reply by Mike Cornwall

I Need help with regluing a snapped-off headstock

Hello. I reglued a snapped off headstock with titebond recently. It was previously glued but appeared disjointed and i pulled it apart. It…

Started by Frank Capo

41 yesterday
Reply by Walter W Wright

Loose National Guitar seam

Anyone repair one of these?  Can this be soldered easily without causing heat damage. Another idea is JB weld and a clamping caul. anyone h…

Started by jbbancroft

9 yesterday
Reply by jbbancroft

1934 Gibson L-Century: severe damage from Planet Waves Humidipak

What a shame. I have in my shop the above guitar, in which a Humidipak dumped it's contents, causing  finish loss and severe swelling to th…

Started by Dave Richard

10 on Monday

Binding Glue Removal

I'm not too familiar with 'modern' finishes, like on this '67 Martin.  Binding glue residue seems to have blended into the finish.  Any sug…

Started by onewent

10 Nov 10
Reply by jbbancroft

Insight Requested: Reinforcing a repair to a side

 Pleased to present for your consideration. . . . . . . . . Hobbyist here, not my profession. I picked up an old 69 Harmony H162 as a pr…

Started by John Yungbluth

1 Nov 9
Reply by Greg Mirken

Sintom Fretwire

Anybody ever heard of or used Sintom fretwire? It's made in Belarus, Europe (next to Poland). Philadelphia Lutherie started selling it on t…

Started by Eric Jones

6 Nov 9
Reply by Russell Vance

Profile pics

Com'on guys, why do most of you all have the same default profile pic.  Having a personalized pic would at least let others know a little a…

Started by Charlie Sanders

14 Nov 7
Reply by Ron Ellison

brass insert search

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs-l1600%20%281%29.jpg looking for these exact m3 inserts. dont need the screws. this photo is from ebay. cant find these ex…

Started by Nick - p

6 Nov 3
Reply by Russell Vance


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