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Lately there has been a daily barrage of obvious spammers applying for membership here at FRETS.NET. Some time ago, I added those simple q…

Started by Frank FordLatest Reply

Searching the Forum. . .

Took a little while, but the Search function has been restored - thanks for  your patience!

Started by Frank FordLatest Reply

Neck Re-Set Gallery

Hi All,  I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I…

Started by MrGlynLatest Reply

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Next step in finishing this A Model Gibson

Hello I acquired this A model that someone has stripped the finish off of. Can i get some suggestions where to go from here as far as fini…

Started by Tim

23 on Tuesday
Reply by Ned Knepp

More loose binding

I have a 17 year old F5 mandolin with spirit varnish finish.  The celluloid binding on the long curve on the  bass side of the headstock is…

Started by LARRY KLOSE

3 on Sunday
Reply by Greg Mirken

Re-Hydrating a Classical guitar

Pleased to present for your consideration. . . . . . . . . I just picked up a interesting Union Musical Espanola classical guitar at the G…

Started by John Yungbluth

1 on Sunday
Reply by Joshua Levin-Epstein

Intonation idea

As you probably know I intonate both the nut and saddle and the result is good. Here is another idea. My question is, is this is a known or…

Started by Roger Häggström

3 on Saturday
Reply by Roger Häggström

Assistance Please - Identifying Stringed Instrument...

A very good client of mine brought me an unusual stringed instrument that I am having difficulty identifying.  As such I decided that I wou…

Started by Hesh Breakstone

5 on Friday
Reply by charley erck

loose binding on a regal? parlor guitar

Happy Holidays! The binding on this parlor is loose only at the waist. I want to get it back in the channel. I'm not sure of what it's com…

Started by Lee Gendvilas

4 Dec 7
Reply by onewent

I made a jointer blade depth guage

Started by Kerry Krishna

2 Dec 4
Reply by Jon Cooper

String Ferrules

Does anyone know where I can find ferrules like the ones shown in the attached picture?  They go on a Gretsch BST 1000.  I've come across a…

Started by Chris Shaltis

3 Dec 2
Reply by Chris Shaltis

Latest Dremel info?

Hello All, In coming up with a new rosette design I find that I need a .030" wide circular groove right around the center. So I ordered a c…

Started by Brian Burns

10 Nov 29
Reply by Frank Ford

Aria 12-string... Destined for the scrap heap?

A fellow brought me a 70's-vintage Aria 12-string acoustic, mod #6822, with a bolt-on neck and a trapeze tailpiece. The neck is bolted-on v…

Started by Mike Kolb

10 Nov 28
Reply by Roger Häggström


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