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Lately there has been a daily barrage of obvious spammers applying for membership here at FRETS.NET. Some time ago, I added those simple q…

Started by Frank FordLatest Reply

Searching the Forum. . .

Took a little while, but the Search function has been restored - thanks for  your patience!

Started by Frank FordLatest Reply

Neck Re-Set Gallery

Hi All,  I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I…

Started by MrGlynLatest Reply

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an alternative to this stew mac product?

I have no problem with purchasing this product from Stew Mac, but I don't want to pay the outrageous shipping associated with it: http://ww…

Started by Jim Figurski

1 14 minutes ago
Reply by Frank Ford

Better Jaws2

When refretting old fretboards the radius can be dodgy. Not exactly a set measure and it may vary over the fretboard. With a compound fretb…

Started by Roger Häggström

26 4 hours ago
Reply by David Farmer

1997 V-Series Strat - Bridge Splays Strings Too Widely?

This guitar just came in with an action complaint. It is a '57 Vintage Reissue. The action is fine, but playing it revealed that bending st…

Started by Robbie Collins

11 6 hours ago
Reply by Robbie Collins

Nut compensation

This is the last installment of my trilogy containing the "composite saddle bone", the "spruce bridge plate" and now the "nut compensation"…

Started by Roger Häggström

64 yesterday
Reply by Roger Häggström

Nut action

In the compensated nut thread I made some experimenting and measuring. I realized that I didn't handle the nut action as I should. Somehow…

Started by Roger Häggström

10 on Wednesday
Reply by Hesh Breakstone

Used the hydrochloric acid trick

My Stewmac razor files are sharp again. 12 hours in a 30% hydrochloric acid solution did the trick. I actually forgot the files, I was inte…

Started by Roger Häggström

13 on Sunday
Reply by Ed Minch

Relly low action

Working on the Levin acoustic with a floating bridge. The customer plays with a hard plectrum and wants the lowest action possible. Mensur…

Started by Roger Häggström

5 on Saturday
Reply by steven gallagher

Customer looking for an steel string acoustic guitar with an extra wide neck

Not really a repair question, but I recently I installed a wide (1 7/8" I think) Warmoth neck on MIM Fender Strat for a customer. He is in…

Started by Steven D. Wilson

9 Jan 11
Reply by Steven D. Wilson

bridge pin drilling quickie

Usually I use a long drill bit to clear clamps that are holding a backing piece. Today I needed a different smaller size hole so I cross dr…

Started by David Farmer

8 Jan 11
Reply by Christopher Parker

Reinstall orig bridge plate?

Working on a '64 B25-12 with glue failure of several braces, top distortion and other over stressed failures. Coming along nicely. The ori…

Started by Frank Capo

10 Jan 9
Reply by mark dawson


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